Is there sword fighting in Halo 4?

If so how dissapointing. Me and my friend used to play Binary Slayer in Halo 3 but we called it Swipers. I hope we can still sword duel when we get close range.

Never seen two people with swords in the same game at the same time. What do you mean?

It’s better then in Reach, but it doesn’t go on infinitely like it does in 3.

If you want to see it, check out Halo 4 Mythbusters Episode 4. There’s a swordfight in there somewhere.

I miss Halo 3 Sword fights T-T

So many achievements in Lone Wolves were easily earned through Swords. Sword Fights were so fun!!

I’ve had a sword fight!It was fun, somehow we both ended up with swords and dueled uninterrupted. Sadly its only happened once. Oh and i won lol.