Is there still hope for the Sentinel Beam?

The trailer for the Promethean weapons is out, signalling the last set of videos we’ll see showing off Human, Covenant, and Promethean weapons. However, is it possible that the Sentinel Beam could still return?

Sentinels don’t technically count as Prometheans, but they are both Forerunner constructs. Perhaps that’s why 343 didn’t show them in the weapons trailer, because the Sentinel Beam is not specifically a Promethean weapon. In the Return of the Forerunners trailer, you can see Sentinels in Halo 4 (look at 1:23, 1:30, and 9:08). It would be kind of odd to not see such a staple Forerunner enemy in the game essentially focused on them. Regardless of whether we’re fighting the Sentinels or not, I’d still love to see it in Halo 4.

I’d really be sad if the Sentinel Beam didn’t return. It was a fun weapon in Halo 2 and Halo 3, and I actually loved the Focus Rifle (or, as I called it, the Portable Death Star) in Halo: Reach. Hell, I’d even accept it as a Campaign-only weapon.

It’s a possibility.

Maybe but would they have told us about it all ready if it was in?

I do remember hearing somewhere that there are sentinals that sit on the wall and fly off and shoot beams,so I assume it will be back.

At htis point I would have to say no about the Sentinel game. 343 just addressed the final set of weapons by the third faction in the game so, yeah.

The Target Designator wasn’t featured in the UNSC weapons video, so it’s a possibility.

Could be in, but not in MM, youu know? take Halo 3 for example, it wasn’t in MM but it was in customs and Campaign.

I’m sure the Sentinel Beam, being neither Human, Covenant, nor technically Promethean, rather a miscellaneous Forerunner weapon, will be in Halo 4.

I just don’t see it being in multiplayer. The target designator is probably Campaign and SpOps only, and the same might go for the Sentinel Beam if it is in.

Yeah, technically not Promethean, so hopefully we’ll get some more Forerunner toys.

> Could be in, but not in MM, youu know? take Halo 3 for example, it wasn’t in MM but it was in customs and Campaign.

Well, the fact that 343 wants to shine the spotlight on the Fuel Rod Cannon all of a sudden gives me hope that the old forgotten Sentinel Beam will finally get some love, too.