Is there something wrong with me? I'm absolutely loving Infinite!

I can’t get enough of Infinite’s gameplay loop! This game plays exactly like I’d hoped it would.

Generally it’s slower than H5, but advanced movement players still have opportunity to really take advantage of speed advantages as they find advanced jump and slide opportunities.

And a lot of these maps are already fighting for spots on my top 10 all time favorites list too.

I’m not saying it’s perfect by far. I think there’s a lot to criticize I think there’s a lot to criticize about challenge impacts on gameplay, and better balancing of weapon drops/racks in social. Some vehicle balance needs tweaking too (looking at you Wasp on Highpower).

I just keep reading all these criticism’s about the monetization, and it’s just weird how little I’ve wanted anything from the store. I paid $10 for the BP, which has been the first money I’ve spent on Halo since the $10 I spent on H5’s Voices of war pack. Which means I’ve spent $20 on Halo in the past 5 years…

And I’m really enjoying the combo of the BP and ranked grind. Infinite’s gameplay has been so enjoyable that I even kept playing a lot when I was out of weekly’s on Monday.

Maybe I’m broken I guess, who knows :thinking:


No you are fine. You enjoy the game and that is all that is important.

(For the cash grab stuff though. You must remember the backlash they got for the Halo 5 loot boxes. Which 343 apologized for and admitted they did things wrong. Now they added a worse system. That is why people are mad)

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The gameplay itself is truly great and what even surprised me is that I’m able to run this on my GTX 1050 Ti at 60fps, everything set to low tho, but still counts. But the monetization is bad and needs to be fixed.

I really LOVE the gameplay, but challenges have had a negative impact on teamwork from my experience. I need the team aspect for a fun game. I’m glad you’re enjoying it though! I do have fun when it’s me and my friends, but random queue isn’t worth it.

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no, you are totally normal. I think most people love the gameplay. the monetization issues are not (for me) ones of what I want, but the concept of paying 20 dollars for a few pieces of armor itself. all I want them to do is decrease the prices.

halo infinites actual gameplay is absolutely top tier. although I really am not a fan of the forerunner canyon btb map. cant remember the name off the top of my head. the other two are great though

You’re not the only one who’s enjoying the game. The problem comes from the stuff around it, not the gameplay itself.

Nothing wrong with you; there is a lot of fun elements of the game buried under the garbage.

The core gameplay needs a few major fixes but after that I think it’ll be on par with Halo games, plus a few cool things that are new in this like the Mark system. The major problems I keep seeing are the crazy long shield recharge delay, the tiny radar, the lack of friendly fire or collisions, and problems with vehicles (spawning by pelican only, too easy to flip over, to hard to see damage visually, etc.). Other than that I think there’s a good game here.

The monetization is getting such backlash because 343 is coasting off of Bungie’s hard work, even a decade later. This game is only so popular because Bungie made it that way, and the fans who started playing when we were kids getting the OG Xbox with Halo: CE are very upset to get this greedy slap in the face from 343, taking the name of a game we love and muddying it. I don;t really care about aesthetic cosmetic stuff that much; it’s nice but whatever. If they’d released this beta and said “no customization at all yet” I’d be perfectly fine. Even if it was that way at launch honestly I’d be like “whatever.”

It’s the fact that they took things that have always been available and free in every past Halo game and said “Oh, this thing you could always do? F**k you! Give us money for it now.”

Please don’t spend money on passes.