Is there skilled based matchmaking in Infinite?

If anything, this is me simply ranting and getting things off my chest

The topic title above is more of a rhetorical question. It was painfully obvious that there was skilled-based matchmaking. I just want to know WHY tho? Why do games nowadays love to add skilled-based matchmaking?

“So casual average players won’t ever face tryhards. They will face someone their skill level”

I understand where you’re coming from, but at the same time, it doesn’t make any sense. it’s like people think that without skilled-based matchmaking, they are gonna face tryhards every single game. Unless that specific video game’s community is small but competitive, you will rarely face people that are sweating the pores off their face. I mean, my god. What’s the point of putting in a ranked playlist then? It’s pointless

I can confidently say that I’m no average player, but I’m also not the kind of person who wants to constantly make callouts and go full tryhard, just because I end up facing people who are on and/or above my skill level. My skill level is at a point where, unless I have a squad of my own, or unless I play an FFA mode, I can kiss my chances of winning, let alone, getting a positive k/d for that game GOODBYE. I don’t want to play FFA all the time, but I also don’t want to worry about facing a full squad of players that are snorting mountain dew Baja blast in a team-based game mode. I know I’m making this about me me me, and I am sorry, but it’s just really annoying, man.

I’m a solo player. I rarely ever play games with people I know. However, when I do (like today) our objective was to have fun playing Halo Infinite for the first time. Right after our first game, we had no choice but to go full tryhard for 95% of the games we played. My friends and I weren’t trying to sweat our balls off, but oh well.

“So what?? Do you just want to take out skill-based matchmaking, so you can farm average players?”

No, That is absolutely NOT the reason why I want to take it out. I already explained my reasoning behind it.

If skilled-based matchmaking was removed, we all would be on equal footing. We would all end up facing players far better than us or far worst than us. Like how there is always someone better than you, there is always someone far worse. However, with SBMM off, you will rarely have to go tryhard unless you are playing in a ranked gamemode.

In short, If it were up to me, I would take out Skilled-based matchmaking because I’m tired of going tryhard. But it’s obviously, not up to me, since I don’t work for 343. Therefore, if you DON’T agree with the stuff I said, that is understandable. Like I said previously, I’m basically just getting things off my chest.

After maining Star Wars Battlefront 2 for a good 2 years (a game with no skilled-based matchmaking) to basically any other shooter game that’s been released in the recent years (2019 - Now), it’s just VERY frustrating

Besides the stuff I ranted about, I love everything about Halo Infinite Multiplayer and feel likes it’s going in the right direction. However, the frag grenades do need to be tweaked. I don’t know how to go about fixing them, but it’s a little bit TOO easy to get killed by those; at least compared to other Halo games.