Is there really nothing else for 6 months?

Been off infinite for a while and I dont want to buy the battle pass.

Played the new gametype. And also realised there’s only two maps.

Is this it? And if so how is this supposed to last 6 months?


It’s a concern.

The new events / game types stretch out for the first three months. And the two new maps are great. I’m enjoying the new BP (I really, really, really like the new armour core). Plus you get to earn your credits back!

But anyway. In terms of the next THREE months. S2 is great.

I do agree that only 2 maps is a big heart sink.

As for the second three months… the saving grace is Forge. We don’t know much - but if that was to release with a competent custom’s browser and a bunch of Forged maps (what better way to show it off). Well, nobody would give two hoots that S3 was taking so long.

That’s a lot of pressure on Forge. But fingers crossed.


This is why we need a road map.
They had a lot of meetings and a lot of planning during the 6 months of season 1. Hopefully some of that will bare fruit soon.

Desync, Anti Cheat, localised server settings.
Need to be fixed asap.

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This passed week and a half, I’ve completed the Event and the Weekly Challenges for the AR coating recently because I only have a few coatings for my AR. I’m at level 28 in the BP but I haven’t purchased it, so it’s only the Free stuff so far. At this moment, I really don’t have an urge to play until Challenges at least reset so I can start leveling faster again and have something to work towards. If next weeks Challenges don’t have a worthy award, I probably won’t be grinding for that. Last Spartan Standing has gotten stale already, they probably should have had an Arena version and a BTB version, because Breaker is getting to familiar to me. The problems that are in the mode are still there, like constant Power Up drops and all the spawns are randomized. It really makes the game mode too inconsistent and Infinite is already inconsistent enough.

Forge… I mean, that’ll be cool… but it’s an open beta, when Forge does eventually drop, that doesn’t mean maps and new modes are just going to appear magically. Unless there is work already in progress on these things and we have no indication of this at all, all we know is a small group of people are testing it. We’re gonna have to wait even longer after Forge releases before stuff starts getting released and before it ever makes into an official playlist.

We only know very loose titles of what the updates could be, if they make it on time or they don’t run into some other issues, like having to undo a majority of an update because they changed things people didn’t want changed so the people complained about it and then 343 had to go back in and undo half of their work lol These little hiccups are going to add up and they might become what is going to ruin the roadmap later in the year. 343 needs to deliver stellar work from here on out or they are doomed to playing off the back foot for the rest of the fight.

It’s just like the hidden MMR in multiplayer… you can’t lose 2 or 3 matches in a row and then win 1 time and expect your MMR to jump up into the positive lol 343 is going to have to go on a little winning streak to climb out of the hole they dug themselves into.

Only time will tell the tale. So get ready for more waiting ladies and gentlemen!


Yup. That’s all they have to offer for 6 months.

And still no fixes for Server Selection causing ridiculous lag and De-Synch. These 2 items make the game a fecal mess at 250+ ms ping times.

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Yes and no.

There doesn’t seem to be anything as substantial as the S2 update we got on the third, but there are multiple “Drop pods” of indeterminate size and impact scheduled to tentatively drop this season. Updates will be released that slowly remove core customization restrictions, and there’s the new Fractures event which will be recurring throughout the season and another one off event called “The Yappening” on its way, too.

Forge and Campaign co-op are penciled in to be on the way before S3 officially kicks off, too. As far as entirely new content, I expect some fresh shop bundles to keep appearing for at least the first month or two of S2 before those start recycling, and maybe a few other unique new ones scattered through the following months to try to maintain interest.

Forge could inject a massive amount of new life into the game if it’s great, so here’s hoping it is. What else is on the horizon pre Season 3 is spread pretty thin over too much time.


I think they’re gonna drop some old legacy maps at some point during the season, but that’s because it seems like Joe was real happy to talk about some specific maps and being able to play them again. I’m not 100% on that though. They haven’t just come straight out and said hey new maps coming later in the season.


You’d think Forge would be perfect for this. What better showcase for the power of their new baby then a bunch of remastered classic maps. Showcased in all their “developer” quality glory.

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YUP So hope you enjoy feeding off the Table Scraps that 343 give you,

since it really seems that 343i dont have the competance to put out even a decent amount of content needed to sustain this game, and this will be the way going forward, im certain of it.

watch as some of those “Drop Pods” are just barely noticable QoL changes and just readding in what they never shouldve taken out.


If this is the case I’d rather just save storage space at this point and remove it.

Mabey try again in a couple of years.

There’s supposedly going to be campaign Co op and a part 2 of the narrative event. Plus there’s also the Fracture Core.

But yeah they’re clearly stretching their content out across what’s a very limited game and where people have just moved on.

I also wasn’t hooked narratively by the multiplayer story and as of now it felt quite underwhelming after the big wait.

It’s concerning on the campaign front because that was very clearly an intro story that needs to be followed up on quickly. It would be odd to have a Halo 7 that picks up with the Endless still about to be released. If we don’t get an E3 equivalent trailer teasing campaign DLC then that’s very worrying.

Yes and no. There are promises of mid season “drop pods” but currently we have no confirmation of what’s in them, nor when they’re coming so for all intents and purposes there will be no new content until November. That being said there are rumours the first drop pod is next month and it’s been implied we’re getting a Guardian, Avalanche and possibly a Pit remake at some point in these drop pods.

I think the only implication any new maps is coming this season are from Halo content creators. Extreme case of hopium.
At most I feel these are teasing either potential forge maps (if they bring a forge map playlist when forge drops), or just new maps for Season 3 they’re working on.

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Joe Staten heavily implied that there would be remakes of old maps, specifically mentioning Guardian and The Pit. There was also leaked early design work on an Avalanche remake last week.

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I’m well aware. But considering 343 held back some S1 items to add it too S2, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re holding back things for S3.

That and there was a bunch of map leaks before Halo Infinite released, and it took until S2 for just one of those maps to be added to the game. But hey, I’ll gladly look the fool if they drop a map remaster.

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I’m not huffing hopium here, I’m just passing on the rumours. If anything I think these drop pods (assuming there’s more than one) are just going to be overwhelmingly stat changes that nobody was asking for.

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Drop pods are (targeted) for monthly drops, and given Joe cleared up that recent patch list they dropped isn’t the drop pod.
I’m hoping they finally start to make coatings and visors cross core, since they wanted to do that this season (well those and helmets, but rn I just want to use my MK VII colors on the new core)

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there’s a roadmap :skull::skull:

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I do like the idea of the multiplayer story because I like the idea of players own spartan involved. Like Reach or spartan ops campaigns.

But so far its like our spartans have been told to play about in the simulators until a AI gets angry. Bit of a under whelming story.

If they added a firefight mode or spartan ops into it then it might be more story worthy.

But again. One cutscene isn’t going to convince me to stay

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Yeah, I don’t see why they wouldn’t use Forge to remake them. We get remakes and they get to show of what’s possible with Forge. It’s a win-win.

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