Is there really any problem with Halo 4?

I feel I would share my thoughts on Halo 4, as I’ve seen a bunch of people on each side.

Halo 4 feels very COD-esque. Which really is sad, because it doesn’t need to be COD-esque. Some things they did implement correctly into the game though. The leveling up system is much better in this game than Reach or 3. It seemed like it took forever to level up in both of those games. I also think the sprint was a great ad to the franchise. Are we supposed to believe that these are futuristic, top of the line soldiers yet they can’t sprint in combat? Sprint favors the better player, because it is a lot easier to chase a person down to no shield than it is for them to run away with no shield. The third thing they got right is the loadouts. Now, instead of having to choose between Slayer and Slayer DMRs, you can choose which weapon you want, which I feel makes the game better.

My biggest gripe with Halo 4 is the power weapons. The only power weapon, if you can call it that, that still feels like a power weapon is the shotgun. It no longer feels like you’re screwed when the guy with the sword is right there in your face. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve missed someone point-blank with the sword or they’ve missed me. The rocket launcher just seems like a glorified grenade launcher and looks very nerfed.

The loadout is good, but the extra “perks” are just terrible. Halo isn’t about a 4 minute bloodbath where everyone runs around killing like COD. Halo is a game built on teamwork. I shudder to think how bad I hated Sword Base in Reach. But that was the quintessential Halo board. The team would always fight for control of the top of the map, particularly yellow lift. If they ran around like they do in COD, they didn’t stand a chance. Now, however, teamwork isn’t necessary. And the taking away of the red x is bad. There are ways around it, to be sure. But it was much easier to hear someone say “one shot on my x”.

My final complaint is the lack of maps. 5 for normal, 5 for big team. It’s not enough. I don’t understand what is so special about Haven. It’s a good map, but it gets boring playing it 9 of 10 games. And Complex is awful. Absolutely terrible. It’s too easy for a guy to camp with camo on top of the building and -Yoink- -Yoink- his way to 20-25 kills. The big team maps, with the exception of Ragnarok, are great. Ragnarok has way too many vehicles, but then again I’ve never been great with vehicles, seeing them as wuss ways to get kills.

I have other problems with the game, but I’m pretty sure 343 will fix these (ranking skill, spawning, SWAT, etc.). Overall, I can live with the game. It’s a disappointment for Halo fans, but the hardcore Halo fans should realize this. It’s about money these days. The most amount of people have to be engaged with the game. I loved Halo 3 (that was the game I grew up with). But I can also see how a lot of current Halo 4 players would get bored with it. In the end, the adjustment probably won’t be bad. But if need be, Halo 1, CE, 2 and 3 are still around.