Is there Map Building like in Halo 3?

I was looking through the menu in Halo Infinity and I couldn’t find this long lost memory. I would love for this to be in the new game. If it is already here, can someone please let me know?

I would like to re-live the player-made maps where there were race tracks, cops and robbers, and other fun mini games!

It’s planned, currently not released yet. I read somewhere that it’s planned for release at the start of the 3rd season, which looking at how long this first one is, is going to be at some point late next year, maybe the start of 2023.

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We have to wait around 9 months for forge to be added.

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@XplosivBolts @Albback Awesome, this is better than it not being added in. Thanks for letting me know! Can’t wait for it to be part of the game :slight_smile: