Is There Full Crossplay in MCC and 5 Now?

It’s been a while since I’ve played Halo with people and haven’t really kept up on the news. Is there crossplay for multiplayer, Campaign, Firefight, etc. now in MCC and Halo 5?

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For MCC to my knowledge there is optional crossplay in firefight and social playlists, crossplay is disabled in competitive playlists and they recently added crossplay to some of the campaigns I believe. For H5 there is no crossplay.

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Halo 5 has to be on PC first before it can be cross play. MCC has full cross play for all multiplayer suites as well as Firefight. Only Halo 3 and ODST have campaign cross play at the moment, with potentially more titles to follow.

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Umm technically Halo 5 is on PC…it’s just not the full game. It’s only on the Windows store.

Forge and custom games with no population is more of a novelty. No campaign, Warzone/Firefight, Theater, or matchmaking. The only way you can earn RP is from the daily login req pack containing 200 RP. Should be able to afford a silver pack once a month. Halo 5 Forge was built to supplement the main game and it shows. Not what I would consider to be much of a PC presence.

Yeh I do agree they handled that poorly.

You can also get this daily Requisition Pack using the Halo Waypoint app. Never played the game, I have a bunch of packs for the day I do.

Honestly its such an overglorified demo.

I’ve been saying for years they should port it to steam as its own thing and add the option to buy the full game through it, there’s literally no reason not to.

There’s no campaign crossplayer for Halo CE, 2, Reach, and 4.