Is there banning for idling in spartan ops?

If I go into a spartan ops mission and dont play will i get banned?

I hope so.



> I hope so.


BTW that’s sad that you would even think about doing that. Straight poop.

No. The system just knows when you’re idling, and it gives you barley any EXP at all.

Y’all should try it and come tell me.

> I hope so.

I hope its a perma console ban

Apparently you do get an exp ban as I supposedly played two or more spartan ops online missions when I was eating and watching TV all the while butt dialing the controller. I ended up getting some message about the leader or something kicking me out of the session to the main halo screen. And for about the next 12 to 24 four hours, I was able to play on all match making games but did not receive any exp for any efforts.

So not sure if this is caused by idling when on the missions or rather I heard something about an xp cap of 75,000 being set in place to prevent people from leveling up too fast using double xp and spartan ops. Could be a number of things, just be sure to vary actually play your games or vary up between wargames and spartan ops when using the double xp

Yes you will be. If you have teammates, you are deadweight.

You will get the xp ban.

From what my friend has told me, there is. He went idle for alot of matches to test it and now he says that he’s XP banned.

You guys seem to think its cool to do it for the easy experience to gather while your too busy to be in the MM games but its gotten so rediculous that this morning I went into a mission and the three people that joined it with me all stood around and idled while I was the only one fighting. Personally I think they should ban anyone caught doing it from 343 servers period.

> > I hope so.
> QFT.
> BTW that’s sad that you would even think about doing that. Straight poop.

Whats sad is that the guy asked the question and Kensai gave an honest answer with integrity, and then you have the gall to act like there was anything wrong with the answer. People that want experience can get it with integrity and play the game to earn it like anyone else. If they don’t have time to play the game then they can turn the thing off and get it later. But deadwieght showing up leech experince that other people are actually earning need to have their multi-player privilages removed. I hear others saying after the third offense or something but thats rubbish. It’s wrong, they know it’s wrong, and if they intentionally do it anyway then get them off the server and keep them off the server before their horsing around screws up the game for the rest of us.