Is there anywhere a option to report a cheater in Halo Infinite on PC, and get him banned?

Hey Guys, i am new here so be kind. Idk if this is the right topic never did this before.

Today my friend and me matched a cheater we beat him, but there is no ingame function to report players using cheats etc.

I have proof uploaded a full gameplay on utube from this dude, would be nice if we get this guy out of our game :slight_smile:

Looks like i cant post links in this, look at my profile both links from the gameplay and his gamertag/stats are there aswell


I could not find any report options. I ran into a blatant hacker who wasn’t missing headshots and had a 95% accuracy at the end of the match. Spent about 5 minutes looking for the report option.

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There isn’t an in-game report function, but you can report players by submitting a ticket over at Halo Waypoint’s Support website with any evidence you have.


aight might gonna do that if we can get this rowdy out


yo you gotta, I watched the video and there’s no way that was skill. 343 seems to be taking this stuff pretty seriously too, so its good they can catch this kind of stuff now so Infinite doesn’t end up like warzone.

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Found a website explaining how to do it:

It appears you also need to know that the player broke the Xbox Community Standards due to Microsoft policy that false reports will eventually be considered a sort of cry wolf scenario and negatively impact you.

For m&k in game… esc +tab…select name… report.

If you wish to report a player that you suspect is cheating. Then, I would recommend to submit a support ticket.

This is done by clicking a link and then selecting the option “Halo Safety - Report a Player”.

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Hey, if you name and shame mods will take the post down, take it to the support site.