Is there anyting else i can do??

soooo i hate to be a complainer but i did BUY the champions bundle. I am getting the message about not having the downloadable content and I get booted out of games right before they start. I have tried many things along with sitting on the phone with xbox support for an hour and a half.

I have tried: clearing cache many times and rebooting, deleting halo content from my hardrive, deleting it and trying again, taking out my hardrive and putting it back in, downloading the game again (both disks), downloading my profile again and there might be some more but i may have forgot some.

The microsoft support even gave up and told me that I could get a refund but if the maps start to work and I play on them my account would be banned because thats how their programmed at xbox live support.

Could anyone help me. I am currently at work and wont be able to try immediately but I would love new ideas to try when i get home.

PLEASE!!! and thank you!

is there any solution or am I just skrewed?? lol

Its feeling impossible since two techs couldnt help me. I just wanna play pitfall!

i would get the refund and tell them u want to repurchase it they should beable to access your account and help a bro out anyways they should give u the bundle for free for all your troubles i feel for u bro

yeaaaa… the guy was really weird about the refund because he made it seem like my account would get banned if i played the maps again… just doesnt make sense…

Just gets monotonous when I cant get the latest DLC