Is there anything being done about modders?

I’m encountering a lot of modders today with autoaim and something that makes their guns fire grenades instead of bullets. Normally I brush it off but now I’m force to quit since all they have to do is hold down the Fire button and they instantly kill anyone within view without having to aim, sometimes they taunt by looking at their feet while headshotting someone across the map.

Is there any place to report these kind of players or something? I know of the File Complaint but I don’t think anybody bother with those enough to do anything. Otherwise modders would do something to the system like they did with Left 4 Dead.

The best thing you can do is to file a claim/report against that persons gamertag on xbox live. These reports do get looked into and th banhammer will fall on anyone caught brekaing ToS and modding the game. Don’t go in with the mentality that it’s useless to file complaints, because if everyone did that then none would ever get filed and no one would get banned. Reporting helps :slight_smile: