Is there anyone with access to all the forge games

I’ve seen some amazing stuff in Halo 5 forge: sumo wrestling, duck hunt, rocket league, etc etc…

Instead of having to find each forger to access their content, is there a user here or anyone know of any user that has access to a lot of these maps/game modes on their account? Thanks!

Maybe add ‘H5 forge maps’ on xboxlive. Lots of remakes and frequently updated.

Not sure about gametypes though.

Don’t know if someone has the mini games, but Atlantis XD has a lot of the map remakes. I set up a dummy account last night to collect the mini-games and maps, so people in my company wouldn’t have to friend a million people or have a million friend them if they made something cool.

The GT is g4gcustoms
I grabbed a handful of stuff last night, but haven’t had time to sort through what’s finished and what’s not. Your welcome to it though.
Hopefully I can get the rest and sort through it this weekend.