Is there any way to update your Halo Waypoint character profile pic?

I ask this question because when I go into Halo Waypoint it shows my character in armor I haven’t used in like five months. Will it ever update to my current armor or is there a way to update it myself? It’s as if it just locked in on the armor I was wearing when I hit inheritor, but I would really like to see myself with my haunted helmet and current colors when I visit Halo Waypoint.

I have the same ?

> > Is my current spartan model supposed to look like it was almost a year ago opposed to my real current version?
> I can take this one now. We’re hoping to push a fix for this issue out this month.

This is from the “Ask a Question for the Bulletin” thread in the general discussion.
Hopefully you’ll get your fix soon!

I know what you mean fellow space marine.
I still have my character looking like and odst soldier but now i look like Emile.
Bungie get on this topic quick. =}

Thank you 343!!! YAY!!! :slight_smile: