Is there any way to reset the Falcon Avatar?

So Halo Reach became my first ever Xbox 360 game, and I happened to get the Limited Edition.

However, it’s not allowing me to download the Falcon Avatar accessory.

Create a Xbox Live account. Here’s a 35 character code for 2 days of Gold. Check.

Here’s a 25 character code for the LE content (Elite Armor, Falcon Avatar). Check.

Here’s a 25 character code for the Recon helmet. Check.

Go to Halo Waypoint. Get a popup. Hurray! It says I unlocked the Falcon. Check. It also says I get the Waypoint Monitor Avatar Accessory. Shiny.

Go to the Avatar Editor. The Falcon’s not there.

Do a Google search. Evidently the missing Falcon was a big deal in 2010, based on the number of hits that pop up. The only cure seems to be “Repeatedly remove Waypoint, Reach, and your profile from the xbox, and eventually it will notice when you re-install everything.”

Go to Waypoint again. Select Games. Select Reach. The first thing that pops up is “Congrats for buying the LE. You get a Falcon Avatar.” with no way to actually download it. There’s no “Press A to continue”, nothing.

Check Avatar Editor and go to Props. Nope, just the Waypoint Monitor there.

Check Sign in to your Microsoft account and there’s three things: Halo Waypoint, Standard Edition Bonus Content, and Limited Edition Bonus Content.

However, while the Waypoint link works ( ), neither the Standard Edition ( ) or the Limited Edition ( ) link works.

Instead, I get the “Ooops! What happened to this page?” error.

Is there any way that this can be reset, so it can be downloaded again?