Is there any way to play the maps besides Unearthed in matchmaking?

I was one of the dedicated handful that kept bumping the codes thread literally all day, and was rewarded for our dedication on the 117th page (thanks you angel <3)! So I love the new maps and was wondering if I could play them in matchmaking. I know I can play Unearthed in Score Attack, but what about the rest?

To all others, good luck with your hunting! Some of us were in that thread for 8 hours straight!


Hmm… well… as its only a few days away until the official release of the maps, I imagine you won’t be able to play them in Matchmaking until the Defiant Map Pack playlist goes live on the 15th.

Unless… I wonder if all of your party in the Matchmaking lobby had the maps, whether a playlist would include Condemned and Highlands in its offerings…?

Not yet, because they’re not out and there is no playlist for them. Only Forge and custom games.