Is there any way to appeal ban for Halo Discord?

Hello mods hopefully you read this and can point me to the right person. About a week ago I was banned from the halo discord for being “toxic” with only one prior warning for calling someone a shill.

While I understand the warning the next “warning” was a straight up ban and it was a debate with over the item shop. While I understand how my shill comment was toxic I do not understand why I was banned, perhaps a mute or temporary ban from typing would have sufficed but a straight up perma ban from the official discord of a game series I have loved for almost all my life…. Man that hurts.

Is there any type of appeal process I can go through to be given another chance in the Discord? I love the forum and having heated debates with the users here and even find the management team much more fair and don’t throw punishments around willy nilly. I am willing to make amends with users I’ve offended in the discord and watch the way I speak for another chance.

Thanks in advance

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Yeah a lot of the the users just constantly defend the awful things in the game and are free to insult you. The second I insult one back I was banned.

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the discord is about as toxic as these forums. you’re not missing much.

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As more and more things are seen as toxic its going to become impossible know what ok and what not. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I wasn’t missing much, just people overhyping the campaign and 20 dollar helmet packs. I’ll survive but still sucks

I told someone to “git gud scrub” and was banned.
Like, is this gaming or not?!? That’s a pretty innocent gaming phrase.


Seriously, idk who the discord is designed for if you can’t even say common gaming phrases and have banter without being banned


Lol got to love kids I am good you get ban hammer lol for beating me

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And nothing of value was lost

Found one of the mods lol beta

Aaaand this is why you’re banned. Congrats on showing you can’t be fixed

You’ve literally never interacted with me before and said nothing of value was lost. Sounds like youre a whiny troll

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Feel free to follow the appeal instructions/link that was pm’d when you were banned.