Is there any special way to play with your clan?

I just joined one of the spartan companies clans, and i got accepted. Is there some waiting room we can enter on the game with each other to get in games together or do we simply just have to message one another after looking at the roster? i’ve never been in a clan so i’m not sure how it works

You’ll want to go to the clan page and either message the leader directly with your question, or do the same on their clan forums.

No you cant. You have to invite or join the normal way

Nope, they’re pointless really.

No, it’s only 343 Industries that think Spartan Companies on Waypoint isn’t pointless. I haven’t heard a single person talk about their Spartan Company since the day they were released, and that was because of hopes of them being in-game and you got a free req-pack. I said on the same day it released that if it won’t be in-game then Spartan Companies will be completely pointless, useless and soon to be forgotten (it only took day or two).

Yeah I must admit I was expecting a Spartan Companies tab to be there with Friends, Fireteam, Recent etc…

Very strange decision imo!