Is there any good RVB clans

I wish to join a clan of good halo players that also love red vs blue P.S. Sorry if I sound rude any way


We here are Fans of Red vs Blue

Hi! Im a huge fan of red vs blue and im looking to start a small clan of around 8 people that love Red Vs. Blue, send me a reply if your interested.

sorry i should have checked this sooner any way if i can join your clan messege me

The Sith Empire will be a great place for you. A lot of us if not everyone are RvB fans including our leader Darth Baum who once in awhile makes references to them. We are also a very organized clan with ranking systems and many positions to fill. Currently my platoon, The 501st Legion, is looking for recruits. So if you are interested take a look at our website and post in the “New to the Sith” thread or you can message me on xbox, my gamertag is rocknbaseball08.