Is there any chance we can appeal the removal of Waypoint forums?

Is there any chance that 343 will reconsider this? Look at how many posts there have been, just since the announcement that they would close.

I loved at Discord and I just don’t find it conducive to conversation. So 343, would you please consider keeping these forums, a longstanding cornerpost in the discourse around Halo?


Give them money to support the forums and keeping them up.

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You mean like the microtransactions they forced in the game? Or you know, one of the biggest companies in the world just maybe should be able to keep a damn forum open.


Second this, the format of Discord doesn’t really work for the types of discussion that proper feedback requires, beyond the most basic yea or nay expression of positive and negative feelings.


Does it really matter? Have you ever seen a developer and/or 343i employee chime in on here? Showing any kind of acknowledgement towards any type of legitimacy?

Bonnie Ross would have to advertise that “we’re listening to the community”. BS, if they showed they were they wouldn’t have to try and convince us they are.


The community is more than just a tiny percentage of forum users.

Companies work off of player data, market data and popular social media threads. Everything else is irrelevant.

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I think they do listen to an extent. A few months ago I made a post talking about the need for more story time for ONI on the forums and look how the newest season panned out, ONI is a major plot point. Or when players asked for weapons nerfs in the forums season 3 brought most of those.

Surely this is sarcasm? :thinking:


More along the lines of being the only reason they’d considered doing it at all.

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I hope not. They have enough money. If that’s the case, then this game needs to die, now!


Isn’t that what happened with Twitter? Elon talked about shutting it down and it drove millions of people back onto the app? I hope the forums somehow do not sunset, but now we’re just 9 days away.

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This decision was made a long time ago… why do you think the app was released without the forums being accessible. Why do you think that 343 employees only respond on different avenues.

They closed up shop and left us to muddle amongst ourselves. Now they’re pulling the plug cause their discord is set up just how they would like it.

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They do chime in quite often, just on different accounts

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Matter of fact, i have, but they did do it much more often then.

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Fox, they have enough money to do it, but you’re critically misunderstanding the greed of corporate growth. “If it’s not growing, it’s dying” is the motto.


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I could see an appeal for it but the ad nuasem and everyday conversation here on the forums is had over Discord, Twitter and Reddit. Its no longer a really competitive option to those otherwise free solutions. The forums have in many ways become its own echo chamber of ideas and the most successful ideas filter into the other platforms.

If anything the effort to maintain this forum is clearly harder than the automatic moderation capabilities of Discord which had to have been another reason. We all see misuse everyday, where someone should just make a Halo support ticket but instead come here and look for sympathy posting about their problems.

Discourse and the idea that Microsoft has unlimited money to burn through a forum already doesn’t sound great to type out, especially with the job cuts and ongoing recession. It should be easy to understand this decision was well thought out and calculated.

Given how little time we have left its likely the cost of operating doesn’t reflect the value it has. Its an unfortunate reality that Waypoint is going away like this but in 5, or 10 years we can be hopeful and ask for it to return the way we want it.

In the mean time I recommend other forums that are up and growing to talk about Halo if forums is the medium you want to talk about Halo through

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I’m still betting that season 3 will be extended and season 4 will be the last one. The game is just too broken and 98% on Steam left. The player bump for the S3 launch is pathetic at best. Every patch breaks the game even more, nothing works, basic stuff is missing or borked. Lies everywhere…

They care so much that they shut the forums down; :facepunch: couldn’t find any contractors?


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I’m being cut off from the community now, this forum was my go-to place. I tried discord and got warnings over nothing so closed account as can’t even speak about much, with seasonality now coming it would of been a good thing to keep forum open, I do agree that giving feedback is a good thing, even if it isn’t good feedback, it’s more on how people approach it. Not nice to see so much toxic comments with threats or how this is dead or that is dead.

Maybe 343 could of found some trustworthy community members to moderate the forum for them if they needed the manpower elsewhere