Is there a way to work at 343

Yeah I know dumb question, im a college dude and I don’t know to code so my answer is probably a no. I just like playing halo it would be cool to work on my favorite game franchise, be able to be part of the magic. I love forge and everything about it being able to soar with freedoms or make lore accurate maps. my favorite forge thing to do is within every halo I make a fully fleshed out frigate, and environmental storytelling is so great the subtle signs a shotty surrounded by bodies playing, a tipped over can with bullet casings around it and a torn tent, a wheel just besides a cliff that kind of stuff. As well as playing with the wacky guns with unique purposes. Although my favorite is the narrative, telling stories and the levels that tell it what if the phones rang or what if the drop pods had a word and if you strung it together in the banished fortress it would let you release prisoners.