Is there a way to transfer old Halo 3 Forge maps to MCC?

Could you let me know if this is possible? I’m sure that many people would like to play some classic maps such as Jenga in the MCC. I know that Minecraft has a similar feature where you can transfer all of your Xbox 360 worlds to your Xbox One at the push of a button, so I’m sure that the technology exists. Does anyone else want this feature if it doesn’t exist already?

File Share transfer was a one-time thing that happened some time ago. Any maps that were in a players file share at the time was transferred, so someone probably ported the classics.


Watch " How To Port Custom Halo Maps & Gametypes From Xbox 360 To MCC" by General Kidd (I can’t post links, sorry), but follow the comment by “MagnaLynx21”. Works perfectly and retains file information, like time of creation and the original creator. It’s what I did to get my old Reach maps off my 360, as well as some stuff off of the File Share

Okay, thank both of you!

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Bruh I could never figure out how to do it on minecraft it never worked for me

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This is all I’ve got. If you’re on PC and can physically access your Xbox 360 then this can work. I never finished the process myself because I found the old maps I was after elsewhere.

“Transferring old 360 maps, gametypes and screenshots to PC”