Is there a way to fix this glitch!!!

There is a glitch in halo reach. In my pause menu my armour and rank are what they’re meant to be but in the lobby it shows my spartan in default armour and as a recruit rank


I might be able to help I had the same problem here is what happened to me

I played Reach without xbox live and got a stupidly high rank. I got xbox live and my armor went to default exept when I went to the start menu. It said I had to pay x amount of credits to let my profile go online. After paying the credits I was demoted to pretty low but had my armor back.
So if it is the same as mine then there should be an option that comes up that says pay (some number) credits to go online and that should fix it.

Did this help?

Feel free to follow this topic for the time being until the issues is resolved: