Is There A Way To Edit Posts?

You said a member badge was required to edit didn’t you? I’m telling you I was able to edit and now it is gone…

No. It might be. I hope not. I don’t know and can’t say for sure yet.

It looks like who has what badge is public so I’ll be checking for it the next time I see an edit. There are also some automatic edits done by bots. A good example of this is if I quote you in my reply.

Edit: Can you see the orange pencil on the top right of my post?

Yes. I know the way this works I’m not a noob to forums or these my friend lol I was able to edit just a few days ago and now it is gone. I have been flagged but it’s been a good few days and before I noticed the edit was gone. Maybe I edited too many and there’s a cool down? I did have to edit about 1 out of every 3 posts I made. These forums are outrageous with MULTIPLE things so I don’t put it past them tbch. But that does not explain why OP wouldn’t see the edit though.

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Well thanks for the info anyhow. Hopefully it comes back.

I know 343i has had some trouble managing their website. Months before the forums changed to this new layout some of their PC MCC blog posts disappeared. When the website first transitioned over to this new design almost all the links were broken. I haven’t bothered to search for the same stuff again though so I don’t know if everything’s back.

Around a month ago there was a thread where people were complaining about being logged into the wrong forum account. When I opened that same thread in a private window where I’m not logged in all the usernames of people complaining change. Sounds like there’s a lot of in-progress stuff behind the scenes.

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Wow, thanks for the info. I had no idea this was even a new site.

Update - I became member level 2 and NOW it lets me edit. Why is this something that has to be earned? Seems asinine.

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Yeah, it’s a bit weird. I’m honestly surprised it’s like that.

Hey, I noticed that you have trust level 3: Regular. Do you know what extra things you can do with it?

This is trust level 2

This badge is granted when you reach trust level 2. Thanks for participating over a period of weeks to truly join our community. You can now send invitations from your user page or individual topics, create group personal messages, and have more likes per day

Wow, editing messages to correct your own mistakes seems like such a basic thing everyone should have access to… Especially that you can see corrections history anyway, so someone can’t hide their bad behavior under edits…
Is it really better if we delete and re-add posts because of a typo? What if there are multiple typos I didn’t see with the first ‘edit’? How many of my deleted and readded posts will award me some kind of ban or other punishment?


Just wait until the forum ‘bot’ starts auto-editing your posts, lol. It does it a lot on my replies when I try to quote someone and removes the quote.

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343 sure do love their bans.

Is this a thing? Why would they delete quotes, unless you quote a wall of text making it unreadable and redundant…

I have no idea. I usually only make small quotes, like 1 sentence. After my reply the quote is removed and says edited by system or something like that. I have better success if I highlight the sentence then hit reply which brings in the quote.

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Camnator… is that really you? :’)

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I THINK I remember you! :grinning:

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Anyone know how to quote someone?

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This forum has no idea what just stumbled on its doorstep lmao

Oh ya. Already got some idea in the works since these pathetic mods love to hide posts and lock threads for no reason.

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Dude good luck. They lock down pretty hard on these forums. You keep in touch with anybody else on the other side?

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Apart from the option to have ‘Regular’ next to my ID, I have no idea.

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