Is There A Way To Edit Posts?

Hi I just came back to the forums to air some grievances I have that can make this game better but since I am a noob to the forums I was wondering if there was an edit option for when I make simple spelling mistakes? Sometimes phone keyboards really screw me. I see no way thus far…

Edit - I can now edit posts.


Yes. Look for the pencil icon. Be aware that everyone can see previous edits and that includes when you try to delete a post. Why don’t you make a few edits so you can see how it works?

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Yeah no, my edit option has also been removed which makes zero sense at all because now people will double post to fix their spelling or grammar mistakes rather than remaking the post. Is this forums trying to give reasons for the Mods to ban people? Like if I double post to fix my mistakes will I get flagged and eventually banned??? I think this forums is breaking itself just like the game itself!!!


Is this forum*********

Where do I find d this pencil icon? On my post I want to edit?

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Oh wow that is weird and scary. Came to have fun talking about my favorite game series but I just saw in another thread you can actually be banned for talking about passing gas and I am just stunned.

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The pencil Icon has disappeared for me! I’m on desktop as well so it isn’t a mobile issue.

Look for the:


The pencil should be under that.

It has definitely not been removed.

I edit posts at least twice. Just did to this reply to add these last two sentences.

I am telling you right now my pencil icon is not there… I wouldn’t lie or make that up you know what I’m about my friend.

Look for the ellipsis:


The edit “pencil” icon is under that.

Trand0… I was able to edit a few days ago and now it is gone… I don’t know why, I was never flagged or messaged plus mods would gain nothing from disabling editing so I really don’t know.

I think you have to reach trust level 2 (Member) to be allowed to edit. As I type this, you’re Trust level 1 (Basic)

Edit: OK, according to this, you should be able to edit your post for up to 24 hours:

I just checked and I have no pencil at all. Let me try to post a screenshot in a minute.

Wow, it let me upload a screenshot just to not let me be able to post it… :tired_face:

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Uploading images is not allowed (yes, I know the button is there). Discourse allows uploading images but the Waypoint forum owners have disabled it. I don’t think they can remove the button though.

Edit: Add link to Mod post about images:

Wow… with how good they design their website I completely understand how this game can be really wonky at times. I expected better from 343 and Microsoft…

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A few people in the “other Halo” section were saying the same thing. Hang on I’ll go and find it


This is so weird.

FYI you can post links by making sure that the forum doesn’t try to turn it into a link. The code button works pretty well.

URL here

URL here

On my post above here is what I see in order from left to right.

[\/ 2 Replies] [1 heart] [share a link to this post] [edit this post] [* * *] [<-Reply]

Clicking on the dots makes some more options appear.

[\/ 2 Replies] [1 heart] [share a link to this post] [privately flag this post] [edit this post] [bookmark this post] [delete this post] [<-Reply]

There’s some sort of ranking system that gives bonuses to people who frequent the forum but I don’t know what exactly is given, when it’s awarded, or if there’s a higher level. I’m sure 343i has customized it.
Click on your profile icon in the top right, click on the tiny person icon for “preferences”, click on Summary, and then you’ll go to your profile where you can click on Badges.

The “Basic” badge gives normal forum access. When people talk about not being able to post they’re likely missing this badge which isn’t awarded immediately. (Hopefully that gets revamped but that’s how it worked at first.) There’s 230,617 other people with the Basic badge.
The “Member” badge is awarded when you reach “trust level 2.” Here’s the quote for it:

This badge is granted when you reach trust level 2. Thanks for participating over a period of weeks to truly join our community. You can now send invitations from your user page or individual topics, create group personal messages, and have more likes per day.

1,447 people have the Member badge. I don’t know how to “send invitations” or “create group personal messages”. Either I can’t figure it out, I can’t do it with people who aren’t at this forum rank, or it can’t be done at all. I believe that there’s a trust level 3 but it might require something more substantial such as getting many likes on my posts or threads.

Yep just as I thought and probably OP. They removed my badge either by flags or a moderator physically removed it themself. Oh well lmao.

Which badge are you talking about? Are you saying that you’re missing the Basic badge? Getting that seemed to coincide with my posts not being automatically hidden.