is there a update

is there a update when u get if you all ready downloaded it

is there a update when you all ready downloaded it

Sould be an update (9GB) when it’s released.

It depends on a few factors. Did you buy the digital edition, or the disc edition. If you bought the disc, then you will have a 9GB update. If you bought digital and your file size (find it at My games and Apps, hover over Halo 5, press start [the button with 3 horizontal lines] and click manage- the file size should be located on the manage tab) is 56.8 GB then you shouldn’t have to update when you get the game, if it’s less than 56.8 you will have to update.

mines 54.8gb

I got the digital hopefully no update that would be nice

It’s pronounced “an update.” Our future is doomed.

54.8is the correct size you should have.

There’s no other update when halo 5 releases in your region. If you have 54.8 GB size it will just launch.

nice hell yeah thanks that’s what’s up
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