Is there a public Halo Infinite API yet?

I’ve seen that there is a service called HaloDotAPI and also the Tracker network has access to Halo Infinite stats too.

Is the source of this data public somewhere or is it a private access thing? I have a project I’d like to work on but I’m skeptical of using these services as they’re not ‘official’ API endpoints for the data it’s providing.

Does anyone at 343 or otherwise know anything about this at all?


HaloDotAPI creator here :slight_smile:

All our data are collected and aggregated from game’s APIs and I’m trying to do my best to offer the best experience for all our developers. Until an official release of 343 Infinite API (if any), feel free to give a shot to our API which already powers all of the major Halo stat tracker websites or join our Discord server if you need help or if you have any feedback! :wink:

Hey :wave:

I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching this - there is no official documented Halo Infinite API, however I’ve started documenting the undocumented API used by the game. You can find my progress on wrapping it on GitHub (

I am also writing about my discoveries on a special section of my personal blog, if you’d like more context or explore those APIs yourself:

In the near future I plan on documenting this work a bit more extensively.


Thanks, I’ll take a look at this.