Is there a possibility to upgrade graphics on SX??

I think we all can agree that the beta graphics look a lot nicer than the final graphics we got, and they were changed to keep 60fps on Xbox One, since it was also running at 720p in the beta. Is there some possibility that maybe after Infinite drops 343 can look back at Halo 5 and make a SX upgrade to bring the Beta graphics and POSSIBLY add a 120fps mode?? I think we all can agree than even the Xbox One X is strong enough to handle the beta visuals at a decent enough resolution and basically locked framerate, so having those graphics would be a nice final update to the game.

Yes, i know support for DLCs ended way back, but as MCC was also left to die in 2015, and look where it is now

They confirmed that they won’t ever touch H5 again, so hopefully the team at Xbox gives us a 120fps mode but as far as I know framerate is tied to the game engine physics and anything above 60 FPS basically breaks Halo 5.

However the game is very broken on Series X with multiple new bugs, I really wish they’d have focused on fixing Halo 5 over MCC and enhancing it especially since it was their latest FPS title and considering that the game is probably the best multiplayer experience yet.

The closest thing you will get is the game’s resolution not dropping because Halo 5 utilizes a dynamic resolution. The game is designed to lower the resolution when / where needs to prevent the 60fps drop.
The XSX should be able to keep the highest resolution in game without it dropping to maintain FPS.

I would think at some point they’ll have a patch or two to help the game run optimally on the X|S but they’re fully invested in infinite at this point it probably won’t come anytime soon.

maybe down the road they will.right now it is mcc which was way, way over due for up-dating it was nearly 7 to 8 before they started to fix the problems. i do not blame them for focusing on ifinite