Is there a (new) Bug when Pelicans deliver Vehicles?

I recently noticed that it takes quite a long time for vehicles to be released/fall down after they were delivered by a Pelican in BTB.

So, instead of releasing the vehicle as soon as the Pelican reached its destination, it remains in the air and hovers there for ~10-20 seconds (which is quite long in game-time).

Meanwhile, you can see how more and more players gather on the ground, ready to jump in :smiley:

I guess I never paid too much attention to this timing. So I can’t really tell whether or not this issue always existed. But…it feels new to me.

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I had a Pelican with a Scorpion Tank do this once. It waited long enough for the enemy team to invade and try and steal it and was rather annoying to deal with. We only won because we had more numbers then the people who attacked us.

Then everyone gets to fight over who gets to operate it lol.

Yea, that’s basically how it plays out :smiley:

Did that happen more recently or weeks ago?

I’ve only really seen it that one time. But it’s possible it has happened more. I don’t really go after Vehicles dropped by the Pelicans all that much unless it’s something I know I can use.

Especially when they drop off a Mantis…
Oh wait… nevermind :roll_eyes:

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