Is there a Machinima Clan/Community?

Hey I want to make a machinima but I’m just a rookie. So I’m wondering if there’s a clan or community that helps people in making machinimas or even teaches how to be a director,actor,or even camera person. If you know the best way for me to learn please post the clan/community so I can join?

Join It is a huge community of Machinima directors, actors, music composers, writers, etc.

Even the machinima directors Arbiter 617 and Genericspartan joined this community.

Click here.

I am a part of the Forerunner Guard, and we have a very friendly Machinima group who always would like to have new members=) Here is some more information about us:


Hello, and welcome to The Forerunner Guard. We are a brand new clan, with about 18 active members. At The Forerunner Guard we have a very unique and original ranking system. Our ranks are color oriented forerunner ranks, along with pre titles that specify accolades you have gotten. We are mature, and like to have fun, as well as play competitively. We have a forge division, 2 squads, and a machinima group. And we are currently looking for clan battles/alliances.

> How to Enlist

Step 1. Got to our website,
Step 2. Register and create a new account.
Step 3. Go to our Forums page.
Step 4. Scroll down and click on Info and Getting Started.
Step 5. Read each stickied topic in that forum.
Step 6. Click on How to Enlist.
Step 7. Copy and paste the questions and make a new topic in the Enlistments and Registrations forum.
Step 8. Check up on your enlistment, because someone will be approving or denying your enlistment.

> Requirements

-Be at least 14 years of age or older(If you are 14, you must be very mature. If you are not mature and 14, you will not be accepted into the clan.)
-Own a properly functioning headset/mic
-You MUST be mature
-Keep a respectable amount of activity within the Forerunner Guard both on xbox live and the forums.

> Once you are in the clan

You must change your emblem to Drone with no background- Non Toggled
All colors and armor combinations are completely up to you.

> Foreign Relations

If you would like to set up foreign relations with The Forerunner Guard, clan battles, alliances, etc… follow these steps:

  1. Register on our site.
  2. Look in the Forerunner Guard- Foreign Embassy forum.
  3. Post about whatever type of relations you are interested in.(Clan Battle, Alliance, etc…)