Is there a lawsuit here?

Many are making claims of purchases that were unclear about what they were buying (HCS skins), with this event and the items we (believed?) we were told would be free are now paid and expensive as all hell.

As far as the HCS skins go, apparently attempted “refunds” are met with radio silence.

I don’t know for certain, but it seems to me like a lot of people feel like they have been misled by false advertising.


Have fun with that bill.

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I’m assuming most F2P games have this issue. I mean they are usually set up for someone to just click a button and x-boom-x they have useless items added

Well, while I do feel lied to, I only purchased the BP so I don’t think I could be a part of it. But a class action with people who bought HCS might be.

True, though I don’t know how many actively lie to their consumers.

I wouldn’t say false advertisement.

If they said “free 30 tier event” and gave us 15 tiers then it would be false. We got a 30 tier event, with cosmetics available for purchase surrounding the subject of the event.

HCS skins are pretty straight forward with what you get. I dunno why there’d be any confusion there. Short of your kid getting on your account and buying everything he sees because the owner doesn’t have any floodgates on purchase confirmations, I don’t see why anyone would be pursuing a refund for a single item.

I do think that the items and packs need to be a bit clearer with what they’re trying to sell though, misreading (rather than lack of info) some things as a result of subpar UI is kind of unexpected in 2021.

Can you point out a very specific example of what you think is false advertisement? And I mean specific.

How come the game gets away with it from the Government compared to reboot Star Wars Battlefront 2?

Dude thisbis nothing like battlefield. At least here its “pay x get y” its still insanely expensive imo but still

The Halo community has reached peak absurdity. Unbelievable.


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We’re complaining about spending $10 on an HCS skin, there’s no way any of us would spend the dough for a halfway decent lawyer.


Calm your -Yoink!-, people are obviously disgruntled, I was merely asking if anyone knew if it was legitimate false advertising.

Probs not. Class action goes a long way, though. And it might be the only thing to scare 343i straight.

You’d need solid proof of false advertisement though, and at best (from reading your arguments) you have a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of pretty cut and dry monetized/free offerings.

Do you have a specific, and I mean specific, example of what constitutes false advertisement in this title?

Discussing a lawsuit on Halo waypoint forums is not a good idea. Refrain from making these kind of posts


No, and that’s why I am asking. I’m not arguing anything

If there is a lawsuit, there is defenantly proof of false advertising stating we can earn things in game but it turns out most of what they stated we can earn costs money.

Also there is some heavy mental manipulation with the system. I would be more then willing to join a class action at this point as I was forced to uninstall do to the game driving me to attempt suicide. (not proud of that and yeah that was a few hours ago.)


Dude. It’s a video game. I really don’t want you to kill yourself and I hope you get better but please, go touch some grass.

This isn’t the place to seek legal advice.