Is there a delete all option in forge?

As the title says. I cannot find (if there is one) delete all the same object you have selected option like past Forge had.

Is there one?

I haven’t had a chance to look that deeply into it. Considering there are no preference options at the start, it would be nice if 343 put the option in the game. If I find it (and I will look hard) I’ll let you know. Happy gaming brother,

-the Captain

I NEED to know this, it’s basically impossible to forge without it, because otherwise I have to go and manually delete everything on every map I use.

not i could find but there is a delete all of x object. just select the object type you want to delete all of press x, select object settings, then find delete all option (i think its near the bottom. Also dont forget to always have a red team spawn point otherwise you will get glitch where you cant spawn into forge

Not a “Delete All Button”, but you can highlight a lot of separate pieces with ‘RB’ and then delete them all at once.

Don’t lose hope, I have done this before. I believe somewhere in the settings, there is a select all option and from there can easily delete everything.

Grab an item, go to the object properties and choose “select all of…” then hold right on the d-pad to delete them all.

There is a delete all button you press x then go to map options and scroll down to delete all unlocked and press it.

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