Is the Warzone Premium Packs a Cash Grab?

Before you tell me to go play something else since all you do is complain, hear me out on this. How is a problem supposed to get fixed if the community itself is encouraging them stop complaining about the obvious flaws with the game? Anyway I want to talk about these “Premium” packs that supposedly gives you the best stuff in the game. They don’t. Regardless if you have all the common to rare stuff unlocked or not, the what $25 “bundle?” should not be giving you a low quality piece of gear. I honestly believe 343 did this on purpose to get you to buy these packs, they lied. Not once have they ever stated how the rarity of the REQ system ever worked. Well, you ask that’s obvious for a community to figure out. Well in this game its not due to micro transactions being tied to a randomization system. It has come full circle to me and 343 did this on purpose to one, promote Warzone to get you to buy the packs. Two, purposefully not tell you how the rarity system works so you will buy into the gold packs immediately. Three, grab your cash and run away after buying the premium packs that not once granted me the highest reqs in the game. I once was for the REQ system, but now looking through and seeing the lies and the corporate tie-ins with the REQ system, I’m against it. Glad I spent $100 dollars on the limited edition to get a short 3 episode series and 14 disappointing “Premium Packs”

Also think about it. Didn’t the Halo 4 season pass cost $25 dollars and these packs that come with three unlocks cost the same price?!?!? SERIOUSLY?? So in 343’s eyes, 9 maps= 42 likely disappointing permanent unlocks that you might never use. Great, I love 343!