Is the suppressor worth unlocking?

is the supressor any good because I’m thinking of unlocking it when I can.

Personally, I would use it with the perk that allows you to have two primary guns. It’s probably the strongest assault rifle, but it’s range isn’t anything amazing… I have tried to solo this gun with a boltshot, and it just doesn’t work out that well :/. It’s an impeccable gun for Spartan Ops though! Probably the best primary guns!

Hope this helped! :slight_smile:

I personally use it all the time on close quarter maps like solace, adrift, and vortex. it really helps when holding a base or cleaning a hallway of people. it shoots very fast and has a large clip. I would recommend it

As others have noted, it’s a great weapon at close range (unless your opponent has a shotgun/scattershot, of course). It has a very quick TTK, but is terribly inaccurate (which is fine, for balance).

I’d recommend using it with Hologram or Active Camo, whatever helps you get close to people without them noticing or ambushing them around corners.

It does feel like it’d be a better “secondary” weapon, but I personally prefer the Boltshot for that (lets me start with a shotgun, essentially, or finish off enemies w/ no shields…very flexible weapon).

So essentially, if you like ambushing people at close range, the Suppressor is a good choice.

My loadout: supressor/light rifle - Boltshot - pulse grenade - autosentry - ammo - AA efficiency.

I use the supressor to finish off Boltshot kills sometimes, it’s quite good At close range playstyle.