Is the Storm Rifle any good?

I’m planning my CQC lass, and I can’t decide between SR and AR. Is it good, or the new Plasma Repeater?

Looks sweet the rate of fire is high so im sure in CQC it will be deadly

What I’ve seen (and the only thing I saw of gameplay with it was in the covenant weapons trailer) of it looks pretty awesome.

A friend of mine got his copy of Halo 4 on Friday and after using the Storm Rifle I can safely say it isn’t that bad. The AR is much better as an automatic but the SR can put enemies shields down in a few seconds. Pretty good if you don’t mind the over-heat.

I’ve asked people who played Halo 4 at PAX and such and they said its horrible. I have no idea how it will be in the actual game though.

I’ve played with it.The thing is DEADLY.

But it wipes out shields amazingly fast and takes out health as good as the AR.

I’d recommend using it.

It eats shields fast but able to finish the job, like many covie weapons in the past. it looks more a team support weapon than anything.