Is The Scorpion Tank A Glass Cannon?

Was just playing BTB on Exile, got into the tank and a couple seconds later was dead because a gauss hog rounded the corner and got off two shots before I could tag it because it was going behind obstructions. Second time I get it in the match I pull out of the spawn point and turn the corner and get nailed by one incineration cannon and some small arms fire finishes me off before I can get out. Is the tank a glass cannon or am I just bad?

No just the halo 4 scorpion and its slow bullet sucks compared to previous scorpions, plus the banshee/gauss hog/ plasma pistol/ any power weapon completely saville it :confused:

I think the tank needs a faster rate of fire and or stronger armor. That thing seems like a coffin to me because its so easily destroyed with the way players swarm now.

They want you the use the specializations to get the maximum effects from the vehicles.

Biggest problem is that Exile is just to small for the Scorpion to work efficiently. Secondly yes it is to weak in regards to its armor, personally I think it’s unacceptable that 1 IC shot can blow up a Scorpion. On a side note the Mantis has that problem as well.

The tank controls suck.

The incineration cannon is OP, there’s nothing wrong with the Scorpion.

It’s weak, my guess why that is is that 343 thought it was too powerful (sadly it’s not strong to do much now), but it can at least do some damage with the main cannon.

Its not a great map for it but i was able to get 24 kills before getting killed

The manuvarability of the gauss hog will allow it to evade the scorpions projectiles and get the two shots in on it before the scorpion can make contact once. Also the place where it spawns leaves it open to being shot apart in seconds by both sides if the enemy has a surplus of vehicles. No I am not complaining and saying change anything. I was just wondering if I am just using it poorly or if the armor is weak, I never noticed the projectile was slow but I do seem to miss a lot of nearby banshees when I fire at them despite my reticle being red and them not moving very fast.