Is the rivalry between Brutes/Elites still canon?

Didn’t the Brutes and Elites have a feud between them in the Covenant? I thought that the Great Schism resulted in the two species massacring each other, and Elites and Brutes have been at war since. So they are not exactly on good terms, right?

If Halo Wars 2 is after that event, it’s a bit too soon for their wounds to heal. It seems hypocritical of these Brutes and Elites, that they can’t make peace with Humans, but somehow they have made peace with each other (where they have even more rivalry).

I suppose they all got thrown in the same faction together for gameplay reasons.

The banished were apparently at war with the covenant before the schism. They’re mercenaries, maybe they already knew about the great journey being a load of -Yoink- or were just a bunch of rejects lol

the banished were fighting against the covenant in the great schism and im pretty sure the elites that joined them didnt have any hostile feelings towards brutes because they joined before the schism happened