Is the "REPORT" button broken?

Is the report button / function working or currently inoperative?

The recruiting forum is full of forum members committing multiple forum violations and they are going totally unmoderated.

Last night I had to PM three monitors and three superintendents before anything was done, and I had been using the report button throughout the evening before doing so with no results.

Tonight, again, there are multiple forum violations in the recruiting forum that are going unmoderated despite my using the report button numerous times. Do I seriously have to send PMs every time?

I am the founder of a community that celebrates it’s third anniversary tomorrow, and we play by the rules bumping our thread once a week with our podcast that contains our updates / new content.

It hurts all of us following the rules for these thread bumpers to go unmoderated. What good does my thread do me bumping it once a week when it’s going to be buried back to page two in an hour due to all the forum members breaking the rules and bumping their threads without the rules being enforced?

If these folks are going to bump with impunity the rule might as well be eliminated.

Please advise if the report button is working or not.

Please pay attention to and moderate the recruiting forum. It needs your help in a bad way.