Is the Pulse Carbine supposed to be bad?

Because I don’t think I’ve gotten a single kill with it. Same for Ravager.


as a shield depleter I think its meant more for taking on beefy enemies in campaign but in MP its definitely garbage against faster moving spartans


Yeah, it’s pretty garbage. Shock Rifle is supreme, I think. The Commando is pretty useless as well. Doesn’t really add anything to the game.

Commando is really good actually, it is at long-mid range weapon with a really strong headshot multiplier, it seems commando is stronger when zoomed in but could be that i hit way more headshots that way,

The pulse carbine serves an imaginary role of being good at… something. Supposedly draining shields, or two shotting if you aim for the head. But it can only hit opponents standing still, so it’s useless.

It does pretty good on opponents out in the open that don’t know you are shooting at them. I’m not sure that counts for much.

again, the weapon was clearly design as a shield depleter against bigger enemies. Im sure this will be a lifesaver on harder difficulties in the campaign but against other people in MP where shields only make up half the health bar and are easily able to strafe around its homing abilities. It just meh. Like a weaker version of the suppressor from halo 5