Is the prophets bane unlimited on limited?

What the title says.

Limited, you must earn them

What do you think? Unlimited mythics would be OP

since unlocking i have been through a hell of alot of req packs and have only gotten 4 in total

been sitting on one for ages. i think he means is ammo/camo unlimited or limited though

Camo is limited as in if you switch to another weapon it goes away,When you first unlock the cert for it,you get three,You can get more through gold packs, Ammo is limited you get 100%

speaking of prophet’s bane, i got to try one today thanks to a very generous enemy player who most kindly dropped one by me when trying to take our base. OP as hell, so to answer the question, no it is not unlimited (In the sense that its not a perrmanent unlock -single use cards), however tha camo is maintained as long as it is wielded (camo goes off if u switch to ur other carried wep, but returns if u switch back to the sword)