Is the problem the price tag, or whats being sold from it?

I used to change my armor and primary/secondary/detail color frequently in Halo 3.

The quality is good enough.
There is some clipping, but the armor sets are all made well enough for the most part.
Whether or not people like the designs or not is a different subject.

Anyway, regardless of quality, what we’re getting for $20 isn’t good.
It’s bad enough that customization has gone backwards, but making $20 bundles with one armor set or coating is adding insult to injury.

No sorry,
this argument lost long ago.
We aren’t separating again based on who paid to keep playing the updated maps etc.

Horrible practice and glad it’s gone.
Things needed to keep playing are free.
Customization is charged. Simply Better.

This is one of those things were personal wants gotta give for the good of the group.
We don’t need entire playlist people can’t access ruining matchmaking.

Thanks for understanding lol


Having maps and other things be free while cosmetics aren’t resolves the issue of separating the players.

The only problem with what’s being sold now is that the bundles cost too much for what we’re getting, basic things are being sold, and the Battle Pass doesn’t have a variant with all of the items for $59.99.

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both are major problems imo,
I think there’s stuff in the shop that really shouldn’t be there as in basic colours like red or blue that require almost no effort to create on the part of the devs but go for $5-8 a pop AND are still sold multiple times for the different cores! (15-30$ for blue or red)
It also sucks that the majority of the armour is in the shop, with none of it being unlockable. Buying the campaign for $60 doesn’t suddenly get you your armour unlocks back, it doesn’'t even get you a single armour piece…(they couldn’t even give away a single armour piece??) those all cost 1/3 the price of a game…
If you bought the campaign you’ve paid as much as any other halo game to date but you’re still being nickel and dimed by the awful monetization.
The value proposition has sunk so so low that it’s not even funny.

Also I know this isn’t just a trend with halo, but it’s so incredibly sad that games are releasing with major portions of the game unfinished or missing (ie. no progression, forge, coop, custom games browser, armour unlocks, working servers, missing gamemodes) but of course they have a working store day one.

Because at this point making their money machines takes precedent over creating a great game,
the store takes priority over all other game features.


Both. Nothing in the shop is worth it’s price and what you get is lackluster


I can still go into a Walmart and spend 20$ and still walk out with something like a board game with physical assets and had to actually be shipped across the country. It took some intern upwards of 5 minutes to recolor a piece of armor. I’m sorry I actually value my $


Do you though? Or is this just a straw man? Because it’s not a particularly good one.

Board games in general, especially ones under the Hasbro umbrella, are mass produced and warehoused for extensive periods of time.

Majority of the games the rules haven’t changed and the artwork has remained the same, for 50+ years. So there’s no new development process, no new licensing agreements, all they have to do is renew the patent every 10 or so years. Maybe even longer.

And board game prices have only increased over the century, for the exact same game your parents and grandparents played. That’s the equivalent of buying halo combat evolved at full retail price 50 years after the fact, not an anniversary edition not a new and improved graphics and new gameplay features, the original classic Xbox version for $60.

The only exception to that are the limited license and heirloom edition version which typically cost $40-$200 depending on which one. But the game is still the same, just a different aesthetic. Comparitively, your $20 is the equivalent of the F2P version of the game. Battle pass is like the Starwars edition or whatever. Shop is like the expensive heirloom edition.

Not to mention that you’re essentially paying $20 for some construction paper and a few scraps of aluminum. That some intern, as you put it, just submitted an order to a printing company and had it shipped out. It’s probably even been sitting in a warehouse for a few years so it isn’t even “new.” And if you’re cool with that, then that’s perfectly fine. That’s your prerogative and I’m not here to dispute that.

But don’t come in here and tell me that you value your money, and then openly admit that you’re willing to pay 3000% retail markup for a few bit of cardboard. And that’s the industry average for you just so you know.

You’d be surprised at how idiotic some people are with their money. It’s always amazing to me how people can complain they’re broke and spend money on the dumbest materialistic stuff.

Also children ask their parents for money or allowance, so theres that. Kids don’t have much else to spend their money on.

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100% the price tag. People can look however they want.

Before day one actually.
The shop’s been there and working since the beta.

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I don’t know if other games do it this bad. With CoD you pay $60 for multiplayer, campaign, and zombies. All the camo and loadouts are there for you to unlock by default. It’s all there for free in Warzone. What they sell is new stuff the game series never had before. If Halo sold only new things, and let us have all the old style customization, it’d be closer to what CoD did. And it’d be less scummy. Point is, I don’t think it’s necessarily the standard. What they’re doing with Infinite in this regard is worse than other games.


True, but let’s be real anyone that is spending this amount of money either has alot of spare money to begin with or only plays halo so they’re have to waste 5+games worth on 1 game.

Like dont get me wrong I’m happy to support and buy things in a FTP but not at this price, I only care for armor, visors and colours. But I wont pay 10 for a set of armour, halo has always given armor for free. Even in the req packs it was better, I dont mind random stuff for free as I’d get new combos every pack.

I just want bundles made way cheaper (200cr would be perfect) or every item purchasable as a single item, I dont care for half the stuff in the bundles… 1 effect and 4 emblems for 20$ no thanks.


343 industries should take a lesson from Overwatch’s micro-transaction system. You get a lvl…you get mystery boxes that give you randomized cosmetic items.
This implements a XP and multiplayer grind that will encourage players to play the game more for the reward that they are trying to achieve.
While those that want to fast track their XP, or more boxes, or pay the label price for whatever said cosmetic is worth…give them the option to just buy it too.
The cosmetic system as it currently is…is just driving people away from playing the game at all.
I can’t even make my armor white or the wide variety of simple colors like I could in Halo: Combat Evolved.
Do better Microsoft.

It’s all profit. It doesn’t cost much for them to make this content. Lower price and higher sales is the way to go