Is the problem the price tag, or whats being sold from it?

I mean, I kind of feel like it’s both a lot of the time? You expect me to choke up $20 for what? A weapon keychain no one will ever see but me, a slightly off hue red/blue/green/etc piece of armor with slightly different colored lights, and some kind of spray on icon that can go on one weapon and a vehicle? (as an example of what the store could be offering.)

If I’m choking up that much on a game for something purely cosmetic, I expect it to be a nice looking color palette, a nice visor that isn’t quite lore friendly like Galaxy purple with sparkles and what not, a glamorous and amazing weapon skin, and a cool vehicle skin with maybe a nice piece of armor that also isn’t quite lore friendly. (aka you likely wouldn’t see it made by actual manufacturers…like the cat ears helmet)

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Yes exactly. It’s a time and money deal. Time is worth money in the real world, so it should be the same here. For time invested, you should be able to “purchase” items in the store with your “time”.


It is both. So I voted both.

Halo Infinite has the worst store format EVER. It has FOMO AND overpriced items AND no way to buy items individually AND no way to earn credits in game.

At the very least ONE of these things need to happen and most likely all:

  • cut store prices in half
  • give a way to earn credits in game, or through the battle pass
  • give options to buy items individually
  • remove the FOMO part.

Essentially what Bungie does in Destiny 2:

  • Everything is for sale for real money 24/7
  • You can also buy certain items individually for earned in game currency, but it is much more random what’s for sale and what is not. You maybe have to wait a few weeks/months before it is in the store.
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It’s the price for me. They want people to pay 1/3 the price of a whole az game for a few skins that only other players get to see in game. While, yes, paying for the same color just in different locations is pretty scummy, it wouldn’t be as bad if the prices were reasonable.

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The price for the items they are selling isn’t the problem. It’s knowing 99.99% of the items are behind a paywall, and 343 literally lied to the players base face about the customization and now they are trying to play stupid.

That’s the actual problem.

I spent $39 (now worth $55) on a rock skin in Rust. The single most worthless piece of equipment in the game after you craft the lowest tier item you can.

So far Halo has just not impressed me with the store offerings. I have no issue spending money on anything in the store, but nothing has made me go “damn, I wanna spend money on that”.

Just because other games have “micro” transactions for 20. Does not make it acceptable


I’d say the big problem is just what is included with the bundle. In theory a $20 bundle isn’t offensive if it contained a good chunk of content. $20 for a mythic armor effect and an emblem for your armor/weapon/vehicle? What? At least the Soldier bundle contained several armor pieces. Throw in an armor coating, a visor color, a stance, and a weapon skin. Then maybe that price starts to look justified.

It also doesnt mean that making items cheaper ie the righ5 call as well. They are a business. Being behind makes you less reliant on profit. Thats why i turn my attention to selling items worth the price. Making it cheaper does not fix all the solutions.

$20 is 1/3 of what we got Halo 3 for. Heck, it’s 1/3 of what we got MCC for. What am I getting for $20 here? A couple skins and piece of armor? That should be $1-2 at most. MICRO transactions.
$20 should be the entire reach armor collection. That might be able to justify costing 1/3 of a AAA video game.


Where is the “both” option?


Stop relating Halo Infinite to past Halos. The price of a game to be lightly expanded upon is meant to be $60. If you ever have once played a F2P game, you’ll realize that prices are always varied between $5 - $20 dollars. Whether its a PC or Mobile game because those games are meant to be expanded upon throughout the years.

Take every other F2P game, and you’ll realize its the same prices. The only difference is Halo Infinite needs better items worth those mprice.

You get two votesssssssssssss



The game would be better off going the Gears 5 route and selling FULLY decked out custom character models that you can’t change.

These greed filled hearted people are attempting to piece meal us EACH PART OF OUR SPARTAN AND EVEN CHARGE TO CHANGE THE COLOR OF SAID PIECES.



apologies for the caps to those that aren’t braintainted completely by this system.


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Ahaha thank you I didn’t realize either.

For me, the bigger problem is mostly how much content is included.
$20 shouldn’t just include one armor set, one coating or one AI.
For $20, there should be at least 16 armor sets, or 32 coatings.

However, the content being sold is also a problem.
Coatings shouldn’t be basic colors, and they should work on any armor.

I don’t have an issue with complex coatings, but they could’ve made it so that you could choose the coatings for each armor piece.

Most free-to-play games very rarely get anything other than more cosmetics.
Maybe you’ll get another map pack in a year, but most of the time, there’s not much to justify the high prices.

When Forge is released, I doubt you’ll see many non-Forge maps released.
With story content, as soon as they release all of the cut content, I wouldn’t doubt it if they started charging for story content as well, and they might even charge for the cut content.

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Now I don’t know about that, 20 dollars is average fast food money daily. Why get 16 coatings and sets when I know well many players rock at least one or two types of armors and probably two coating patterns.

If anything I can come in defense for 343i, is that the community is too ignorant to know what they really want with Halo. I think $20 dollars should be worth by quality, not quantity. That said, they just need to sell better items, not more.

And at the end it just looks like a bunch of votes claiming one is worse than the other. It doesn’t matter, I was just joking

My issue is what’s being sold. $20.00 for map packs is much more reasonable than for cosmetics. I want playable content for my money, not weapon charms.

It’s both. What we’re buying isn’t worth the price, and some of what we’re being sold we shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t be sold Recruit Blue for a third core, and the price for that Recruit Blue is too high. Two things can be true.