Is the problem the price tag, or whats being sold from it?

I wonder whats the main problem here with the monetization. Some players are mad to spend money on items not worth it, others are mad to spend 20 bucks in general.

I am curious on where the fine lining is at? 20 bucks is the usual amount to spend in any F2P game on a priority product (In this case are armor and coatings)

For a specific complaint straight to 343i, what is the/your biggest problem here if they can change one of the two?

  • Problem is amount of money spent
  • Problem is what we are spending on

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EDIT: Even though a lot of you voted both, your comments below speak most about the real problem being what you’re buying. That it isn’t worth it and its so limited for the sake of splitting content. That its all unnecessary scam to buy the same thing for too little. In this case, coatings being separate or tags for guns.


It’s the fact that there’s hardly any customizing besides paying for it. Look at Gears 5, that’s how a store should be. I don’t think anyone would care if you can spend money, but have an alternate method of purchasing items such as an in game currency.

If you want an item now, buy with real money; people will, otherwise play the game, earn credits, and buy with in game currency. That way everyone is happy. Right now it’s getting boycotted. I won’t spend a dime in that corrupt store.


I take that as the problem being what youre buying. That overall you’re saying its a one sided currency and progression and that had to be changed? If it was better, the prices shouldnt matter if we can still earn them in some in-game worthful grind.

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It’s a mix of both. Can’t have one without the other really. I’d love to see a poll stating each item type and how much people would pay for each. It’d help us get an idea.


I wanted to do that, but i coulent figure out where it was at…

Give me every set from all halo games and I’ll give £120. That’s double most new games.

But they must think I’m brain dead or some spoiled rich person who was born into money to spend 10-20pounds for a few pieces of armor!

Edit: i say pieces because you dont even get a full set.


I had to Google to do my previous poll XD. But if I remember, I couldn’t do it on my phone unless I went into desktop mode. It’s in the gear icon when making a post I think.

It’s both really. The content isn’t that interesting most of the time and the extortionate scam level money that they expect is laughable


It’s both. I could handle dropping a $20 bill to support the game if there was a decent amount of content for that $20. Armor coatings and skins need to be universal (similar to how Fortnite does weapon skins). I can even handle armor cores having set customization (shoulder pads, knee pads, etc) options IF (here’s the big IF) those customization options aren’t all locked behind pay walls and can be obtained through simply playing the game.

Also, locking nameplate colors behind a paywall? Are you kidding? What kind of scumbag crap are you trying to pull 343? That’s the greediest stupidity I’ve ever seen. Screw you 343.


its both really. But honestly if they want to keep the packs minimal thats fine. But i think if packs were between $2-$10 alot more people would buy. Like how $2.99 loot boxes were back in the day in games. They were cheap so people kept buying them and it adds up. Even if its not something a person is particularly interested in, if its cheap they may still buy it anyways.

They could also have $15-$20 prices on special bigger better content packs every now and then.

But the content itself hasnt been anything great. most are pretty bland. So far the nicest skins are the HCS skins but they cant be used on anything other than the base m7. I think if the are going to keep prices high they should at least be having nicer color and textures (metalics, mats, glosses ect) rather than selling boring colors that would be a default color in most games.


I don’t have any issues with DLC pieces being sold exclusively on the store for any kind of price. Those are extras.

What i do object is that the base progression system is lacking, and people need to go to the store to customize their Spartans from a basic level. Let the store be the extra content aside from the main unlocks, and not the main way to progress.

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IMO the problem is that people expect $20 to spend the same way it did 20-30 years ago.

Yeah, the price of blue pixels skyrocketed in the last few decades…


both. it’s the content being offered and the overly high price of those items.

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I personally disagree with the prices being high. Many F2P games have their main items be the majority of the prices of 20 dollars. Only exclusives are higher.

But I definitely agree the items arent worth those prices and need to be much more drastic to be worth the amount.

Problem is both AND the fact that I can’t choose my own YOINKING colors and instead have to put on whatever color combination some ding-d0ng created.


Well I am in disagreement about that. The color pallet given was pretty standard for the past 20 years. The advantage of this comes off with color variation and patterns, along with textures.

It’s both.

Overpriced for what you get in the bundles imo.

And lots of the items being sold i don’t even want, ie : weapon charm, vehicle emblem, armor emblem, weapon emblem - i know it may be bias but i would never equip any of these items if i unlocked them for free, let alone pay for them.

The shaders are infuriating same with armor cores, how are we supposed to make a unique looking spartan ??? Less possibilities for a unique color or armor combination with how it is currently setup imo !

There are some cool items ; weapon variants, armor effects, death effects, shaders and armor esthetics tbh

But i think the shaders should be universal for all armor, nameplate, emblem, and weapon coloration.

The armor pieces should be universal for all armor cores ( as well as being able to change to shoulders, helmet, ect on the HCS skins imo ).

And unlocking an emblem should unlock the emblem to be used across nameplate, armor, vehicles, and weapons ( its very frustrating seeing it multiple times in a bundle like its actually 4 things - c’mon :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ).

I would gladly spend money if the items i wanted were decently priced ( helmets, shaders, weapon variants, a black visor :open_mouth: , announcer packs/AI ) 3 or 5 bucks tops per bundle - without the filler items - save that for the battle pass imo.

And if I’m spending 20 bucks i better be getting like 4-6 new maps bro !


Nothing in the store is “cool” enough for me to spend money on and nothing is worth the amount of money it costs. I think COD does it best even though I still think some stuff is overpriced at least you can earn cod points by playing the game. The stuff in cod especially Rambo and John Mclane actually look good and had funny lines. If $20 got me a unique armor (not an old one from previous games) at least 2 weapons skins (that actually look good), a couple vehicle skins, a unique armor coating, an assassination, a weapon charm, and a nameplate I probably would spend the money. I’d probably drop $15 on an AI to if it was something like Johnson or Buck, but $20 for an armor from Halo Reach and a plane color for a coating? Yeah no thank you.

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I assumed when they were going to be selling us armor coatings, it would be cool stuff like how some of the H5 armor variants have cool decals and patterns. I wouldn’t honestly mind paying for armor coatings that have unique designs line that.

I’m pretty annoyed that armor coatings that are pretty much just a solid color are being sold for $. Something like tan or purple should not be stuck behind a paywall.