Is the player count low or is matchmaking just complete garbage?

Because apparently the game is still fine with matching up multiple Onyx players against a team with low diamonds. Over and over. The matchups in this game are so consistently awful and one-sided that I can’t figure out how 343 does it. Honestly. I am at a loss.


In all likelihood, it’s a bit of both.


Both. I’ve had the game searching for ranked matches for 2 hours and I’ve only managed to find a single one. There were 2 onyxes on the other team, but none on mine.

And the game was so badly desynced for me that 4 to 5 BR bursts into the heads of unshielded players wasn’t killing them. Yay crappy servers.


More likely low player counts.


Currently on Steam running at 3.5k. Not sure about ‘Active Xbox player’ numbers but it drops up and down from top 10.



I find myself Rubberbanding on 9ms like wth my internet is fine

But honestly I had times where I’m matching the same people a few times

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I feel like it’s both. This game doesn’t seem to have a lot of people playing and the result is crap matchmaking.

I can see this being the result of long queue times in ranked and being mismatched with higher ranked players and lower ranked allies.


I think it is both. Earlier today I searched for almost an hour for one stupid game. Just now I am searching for a game after playing one and I have been searching for almost an hour for this play session. Stupid dead game.


Low player count I think. Not surprising given how stale
the content is. Halo 3 had at least 7 dev made maps released by this stage of the halo 3 lifecycle, not to mention the hundreds of player made forge maps.

I simply cannot understand how 9 months after release we will have had two additional maps, in a live service game where the whole point is dropping regular fresh content. That blows my mind. That is incompetent planning


Low player count.

4000 average on steam, so over a 24 hour period, maybe ~80,000 who are still active. I’d say Xbox is probably a little higher, but still falling.

There are gamers here who will play halo regardless of how bad it is. We’re getting to that core number.

I’m playing just to get my challenges and then leave. Now that they’ve made the challenges easier, I can get them done in a day or two and I don’t have to check in until next Tuesday.

But what really grinds my gears is when you leave halo. Go play a game that functions well, and the come back to this hot mess…its painful. Like, what the heck were they doing for 6 years?? I don’t see 6 years worth of work, even the conglomerate mess infinite is.

I’m in the Uk right now, queuing mid week at 21.30 in quick play and I cannot find a game because ‘not enough similar players’ are in the game. That’s frightening


Whelp time to give my answer in the form of a gif from one scene from the simpsons