Is the Operator perq any good?

I’ve been playing BTB alot more now and that means alot more vehicle driving. I used to hate this playlist all I remember is wraiths and spectres and warthogs in every direction and just a convoluted mess in general.

But since you have all these abilities in H4 it has an opposite effect. Perqs like infinite sprint ammo etc are beneficial and no longer overkill.

Vehicles are weak as hell though, everyone has plasmas and emp bursts. It’s quite harder to get sprees and have vehicle battles than in the past.

It would be great if I wasnt paralyzed so much with emps and could actually take some damage if I want an extra kill. I’d like it because I could be more brave in the mantis too.

So if you’ve used the perq how is it? Is it worthwhile and shows a noticeable advantage? Or is it more gimmicky and not really much help?

It’s worth it as the EMP delay when hit is reduced to about a second or so, instead of the long wait if you didn’t have it in your loadout.

Just remember, you have to be the driver to get the benefits. If you are in the turret or passenger seat, you won’t get resistance to EMP.

I have yet to determine the other effect of Wheelman. I think it’s more resistance to damage, i am not noticing any differences. You shouldn’t be playing the Mantis so aggressively. Your powerful but you can be taken in out so easily it’s not even funny.

gunner + wheelman = super mantis >:D

Yeah I’d really like to go the extra mile in a mantis, especially on CTF. I’m not going to pretend ghosts and banshees will be any better though XD

The perk is super disappointing. The EMP recovery is still long enough to get easily stuck or hijacked and the vechiles don’t seem to be any stronger, I’ve gone head to head with another ghost and lost in both shootouts and head on boost smashes.

I love it, the shortened EMP duration really makes the difference and the extra vehicle health can be a deciding factor in a banshee dogfight.

as long as your vehicle is moving its worth it. it also helps to have someone with gunner on in your turret.

I think it lets Ghosts survive one Spartan Laser shot, and it definitely halves EMP duration.