Is the new store system WORSE than the old one?

Here’s the thing I just realized, before you could get at least 5 items for 2000 halo credits, this includes a helmet, a chest piece, a coat of armour and a pose, of course this varied but it was always at least 4 unlockables for 2000 halo credits, now if my theory is correct you have to pay 700 or 500 for each item, for example if you want the full set of firefall or any other armor that will cost 3500 halo credits approximately since now the chest pieces, helmet attachments, coating, etc doesn’t come in the bundle anymore now you have to pay for each one of them making it way more expensive than before, you could say this is good for people that only want the helmet or just 1 item, but if you want the bundle, you will have to pay a lot more than before.
They literally made the store worse and now they are laughing at you because you thought they fixed the prices when in reality they are doing a fallout 76 scummy store tactic

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