Is the MMR too restrictive?

If there are player that doesn’t know what MMR is, Matchmaking Ratings suppose to balance to go against skillful players as you.

I have noticed that regardless that whether I’m in Social or Warzone playlist, I always end up going just as as skillful as myself, probably sweatier. Not only that, I rarely see any outlier scores or kills. On Super Fiesta, really fun gametype BTW, it is chaotic and I would play everyday (unless MMR is included), but no matter the weapon spawn the score whether win or loose, the score is always close. In Infection, I notice top 6 players, most of the time the scores together are also close. In Warzone, going against the sweaties is not the biggest concern, although sometimes it is annoying but also going against a recognizable gamertags that I know of is what really gets me, that’s if I’m solo Q-ing.

I’m thinking does this promote smurfing? Very likely, smurfs or alternate accounts can start and become outlier against low SR players, especially Warzone.
Is it too restricted for Social and Warzone? Yes (my opinion).

It is ok to go against the sweaties sometimes (not all the time) and we all get bad games too, that is how we learn to get good, but with MMR is not making anything good. Instead of feeling good, I am disappointed.

So what is your opinion about MMR? I’d recommend that you know about MMR 1st.

Feel free to use the MM feedback thread.