Is the Limited Collectors Edition US only?

This edition of the game only appears to be listed in US stores. With the normal limited edition being available in UK stores. So is this going to be a US exclusive because if so I will be extremely disappointed since I want it pretty badly.

As do I… though I think it is highly likely that they will (as was done with Reach and halo 3 in terms of legendary editions) and especially to the UK. Though surprisingly, i’m not sure if this is a mistake on their part but gamestop seems to be selling the edition to the uk for £99.97 and yes the collectors edition, though they say the price is not final, as it should be around £160, but this is promising and gives substantial proof to its selling in the UK.

It’s available in Australia as well. Through EB Games. $320 here ;(

I have the same problem, GAME isn’t doing anything other than the standard edition that I can see. The only place in the UK doing the limited steel-book is the Microsoft online store. However i always get my Halo on, launch night so unless GAME do a limited edition it will prob be started for me:

As for the limited collectors edition no word on that anywhere in the UK.