Is the Infinity peaceful?

Something has just come to my attention while looking at the E3 Cinematic Trailer.
The Speaker at the start says the Infinity was designed for battle, but is now purposed
for peace, and that its meant for the exploration of new worlds. Yet they put the new
form of Super Solider on board. Is there a secret mission that the Infinity has been tasked to
do (Like the PoA) that will be revealed in the game? It just seems very odd that the Infinity is
sent out with the purpose of “Peace” yet the (Spoiler) Covenant Rebellion has began to wage
war on humanity?
Sorry if my words dont make sense, I tend to ramble on a lot XD

TL;DR: Is the Infinity serving another purpose other than “Peace” ?

Exploration is a dangerous job you know it is always best to come prepared for any situation.

Also I’m sure ONI could have something to do with its ulterior motive yes?

> Exploration is a dangerous job you know it is always best to come prepared for any situation.

This. It’s also a ship for a lot of the UNSC research and most of it’s research is put into fighting tech, and they can gather better data if spartans are fighting on board.

Considering it’s the biggest warship ever constructed by humanity (even bigger than the largest of the Covenant carriers) and that it’s crawling with trained soldiers, weapons, vehicles, other warmachines and even Spartans, I’d say it looks like it has an ulterior motive.

Yeah, think about Star Trek…what would they ever do without all of those Red Shirt guys? Oh wait…

Seriously though, Spartan Ops could play like a Star Trek season :smiley:

I do need to point out the speaker does say "meant not to wage war, but to PEACEFULLY advance the cause of mandkind though the discovery of new worlds. "

Why make such a huge deal about the ship being peaceful, yet they have Spartan-IV’s, ODST’s and a lot of military Power.

Wait for The Thursday War, or if you can’t sign into Amazon and you can read most of it in a preview.

exploration to Requiem to reply to MC and make peace with its life or species whatever you say.