Is the inconsistent aim assist intentional or is it a bug?

I’m very confused on why they thought breaking the aim assist when you jump and halving it when breaking the opponent’s shields was a good system. I’ve loathed and struggled with this since the launch of the game and I’m just wondering if this is intentional or not.

If it is, please reconsider this mechanic. This is very annoying and doesn’t really make kills more rewarding. I’ve already tinkered with the sensitivities and dead zones as much I could to make me feel more confident in fights, but the overall feel of the game suffers from it in my opinion. The flow of fights sometimes becomes haphazardous because it becomes a race of who can correct their aim first instead of focusing on tactics to outgun each other. All the legacy titles feel great in MCC because the assist is so consistent. I just want Infinite to give me that same sense of satisfaction.

I play controller on PC. I’ve experienced incredible inconsistencies with aim assist and hit detection. Drastically feeling different at any moment.
It’s so significant it almost seems as if a sensitivity setting stops working.

I’ve gone as far as reporting the issue and filing a ticket under an issue that I noticed early on. in the battle rifle weapon drill. I was trying to find my aim setting and as I adjusted them and practiced I noticed I could not dial in. I also noticed inconsistencies with hit reg.

I’ve also on several occasions have heard on Pro Halo players streams state that their aim assist is not working as well as during a scrim. To which the game was immediately stopped and the game was restarted. This was a relief to me in a way because I wasn’t sure if what I was experiencing was legit. But now I have no doubt that along several other things that break in the game, mid-game; aim assist or some aim setting critically fails.

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Not having aim assist when their shields break has always been a thing.

Or how about the lack of collision when shields drop?

what? you mean for Infinite. Either way it’s a stupid mechanic that hurts the experience.

It feels like they changed something in how the netcode or server registration works in the past week or so.

It suddenly just became very unreliable, even when the ping to the server is optimal. I’ve had multiple shots going straight through people that don’t count, even showing a weapon reticle hit, but doing nothing (especially obvious on tactical slayer).

Furthermore, it seems like shots from enemies are hitting me even further out of LoS than normal, like when I’m entirely around a U bend. Again, even when the server is only 30 ms away.

Also, I’ve been getting multiple melee “hit” sounds, confirming the hit, but don’t count. Both visually on my screen and aurally it should have connected but just doesn’t. I’ve had some weird melee connections before this week, but this is different, especially given my local machine thinks it connected and thus is playing the sound.

Even some of my shots are hitting far further off than they should, as if I had to lead hit scan shots well in front of where someone was moving for it to count.

If I had to guess, it feels like they changed how the server recognition works to retroactively account for latency, but whatever they did, it feels worse than ever.

No it has not. I still play MCC fairly regularly. The assist stays consistent throughout entire fights unless there’s human error.

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Thank you for telling me this. This answers my question that it’s unintentional. I pray they fix this by season 2.


From a design standpoint (as stupid of an idea as it would be) it does make sense to remove/aim assist fall off when jumping, sliding, broken shields, different FOV’s, and shooting if one is trying to bring “balance” between controller and KBM.

However based on the randomness in which these actions happen I would say it’s probably a bug. Through my personal theory is that it was a design choice. As too why the strength of aim assist is different between console and PC that is definitely a design decision.

I’m pretty sure there were some videos or interviews months ago where this in game “feature” was confirmed by 343i. I can’t remember where I saw it and I can’t t be -Yoink!- to go hunting for it, but I’m pretty sure some of the Halo YouTubers covered it…I’m guessing it was around December as it wasn’t too long after release and I also recall quite a lot of discussion about on here or Reddit as I was getting totally pissed off with being unable to finish kills when breaking enemy shields (and I know I wasn’t choking!).

I haven’t heard anything about that. I’ve watched just about everything.

Yeah I’ve watched a lot of stuff too so I may be mistaken…it may have just been a Halo YouTuber rather than anything official.

Yeah I’m at the point where I might just ask a friend of mine. I try not to ever ask questions like that when playing with him but it’s gotten to the point where it’s just flat out ruining the experience.

I have experienced this many times. At first i chalked it up to just missing then my friends, in real life haha, stated saying the same things. We all have been playing FPS since before Halo and it just seemed to be inconsistent. We tried changing all kinds of settings. We all use some type of paddles/ extra button controllers and all have the same issues. We have even tried stock controllers. Some days it seems fine others inconsisten. . Even as far as going into the assesorries app and tweek stick response curves. It would seem fune and then be out of wack. We all have played many PC games over the years like UT, BF, R6, and Halo we have all come to the belief that the input balancing is one of the worst things for competive play. Do i think there are other networking issues? Yes i do. On another note. …talk about 1st world problems.

Right, nevermind. I know it happens in H5 so maybe that’s why I was thinking that.

It was Mikwen who confirmed it (on twitter). Him & the other alpha testers complained about it long ago and 343 confirmed that it’s intentional.

If you’re coming from H5, the big difference I’ve noticed is that the head hitbox is a lot smaller (or at least ‘lower’ on the model) in Infinite. You used to be able to aim right around the forehead (or even slightly above it), and still get the full “stickiness” of the aim (in fact, it was sort of required to aim higher than you would expect, because otherwise the bullet magnetism would curve the bullets so that they hit the shoulders instead). But with Infinite, you have to be aiming more like chest region to get the full effect of aim assist. This is especially noticeable when you break the shields, almost like the shields and the spartan armor have slightly different hitboxes.

Since the BR has a bit of recoil, you can easily get away with this. You can aim right below the chin and still get a 4-shot, because the gun will flick upwards slightly on its own as the final bullet comes out. If you’re aiming at the chest area, then just a very small flick upwards as the final bullet comes out (ie. not before you pull the trigger, but just slightly afterwards, that way the first 2 bullets of the burst are more likely to hit). Try testing this in the academy to get the timing right, and eventually you’ll start to notice multiple kills in a row are easy perfects. This style of aiming seems to really mitigate the effect of the aim assist blipping off for that split second. It’s a bit more difficult with the pistol, but overall it’s still much more reliable than trying to aim at the head for every shot.


I’m not going to believe a word of what you’re alleging someone else said unless I can see the source. I found his twitter but I couldn’t find the post you’re talking about. Could you link it? You can use the “Preformatted text” (aka code) format option to post a URL that won’t convert to a clickable hyperlink.

I do not know how Halo 5’s aim assist works because I never owned that game, but in every other Halo game the aim assist is consistent regardless of the enemy’s health or if you are jumping or crouched. I’m positive that there’s not some other intentional factor to mess with it. I’m pretty sure the real reason is that Halo Infinite has multiple very serious bugs that are causing this misbehavior.

People have complained about the controls in Halo Infinite a lot. If I could only highlight one of those complaints it would be that aim assist can be inconsistent. That’s a good sign that something is wrong even if we can’t agree on what or how.

This is too how I understand it to work in Infinite as well. Similar to H3.

However there is something that is overwhelmingly inconsistent to such a degree that there has to be a bug.

I noted on pro streamers playing that they’ll go as far as ending a game in a scrim because someone ls aim assist is broken. I play on PC with controller and it is very obvious that aim assist among other things can break.

Not similar to H3, Infinite’s BR has recoil that awards headshots for aiming at the body while H3’s BR has bullet magnetism that at range can skew upper torso body shots into the head. Infinite shares the same issue as H5 in that aiming itself is wonky and aim assist seems to just turn off randomly.

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It def does turn off randomly not even talking about when jumping or breaking shield. It just randomly has trouble staying on when on target and it throws your aim off wildly.

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